Dog sleighing in Puy Saint Vincent

Dog sleighing in Puy Saint Vincent

Do you like animals and wide, open spaces? Then there is no doubt that you will love dog sleighing in the Puy Saint Vincent ski resort. Izia and her mother tested it for you!

Introduction to the pack

The sleigh can carry up to 180 kg (3 to 4 people). Remi introduces himself and presents his dogs. Beforehand, he asks Izia, who is four and a half, how you can tell if a dog is happy, scared, or wants to be left alone.

The two of them go around the 13 dogs that make up the pack; each is entitled to a good stroke before setting off for a lovely outing in the snow-covered fields of Puy Saint Vincent. The dogs are excited at the idea getting started, they fidget in anticipation, bark, whimper. Several breeds of dog make up the pack: Siberian, Greenland and Alaskan huskies. All are known for their resistance to the winter cold. Each of them has a name that suits them perfectly such as Kaouët, Nanouk, Noodles, Popy.

Preparing the sleigh and off towards Tournoux

It is now time for Izia and her mum to get on the sleigh. Rémi explains to the little girl that she must hold on to the handles that are on each side inside the sleigh. Both are sat and wait while Rémi the musher harnesses the ten dogs that will be pulling the sleigh during this outing. One by one, the dogs take place, from the lead dogs to those at the back. It takes a few minutes for the team to be ready and then the convoy is set to leave.

Rémi opens the enclosure, releases the breaks and gives his first instructions to the dogs. The two passengers are also briefed on how to be seated in the sleigh.

The dogs set off and from the very first few metres, Izia is impressed and happy to experience such an extraordinary adventure. The dogs are extremely motivated and cover the immaculate snow that is sparkling in the sunlight, one climb and descent after another.

Izia encourages the dogs at each upward section and Rémi descends from the sleigh to make their work easier.

You can feel the wind in your twinkling eyes and would like the moment to last forever. Time for a pause amid an exceptional landscape in front of the typical chalets in Tournoux. It is a pleasure to witness such scenery where everything is calm in this wild natural environment. It is time to head back to the base camp, ending with a sensational descent!

Izia’s first words ‘Mum, can we do it again?’

Rémi asks us to stay in the sleigh while he ties the dogs up. Izia gets on the sleigh to help Rémi, the guide, put it away.

To sum up, both recommend this unforgettable, valuable experience that should be tried at least once in a lifetime.

Head to the Mushing Addict base camp in Puy Saint Vincent

To meet Rémi who will accompany you during this activity, you need to go to the top of the Prés chairlift. From Puy Saint Vincent 1600 m or 1800 m, follow the footpath to reach the enclosure where you will find Rémi and his dogs.

As you leave the Prés chairlift, turn to the left and cross the slope to reach the footpath. You will notice the Mushing Addict banner.

Rémi will greet you and invite you to enter the enclosure where his dogs await you.

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