Heritage Trails in la Vallouise

Many hiking routes can be reached from the Pelvoux-Vallouise village and its hamlets. These villages with their mountain and pastoral way of life, have a wealth of secret spots. Everyday life in the villages of La Vallouise required a lot of movement either on foot or by mule.  There are also many trails scattered here and there around the hamlets. Some have been forgotten as they are used less by the locals. The association therefore hopes to restore and rehabilitate them.

The aim of the association

The Sentiers et Patrimoine de la Vallouise association came up with the idea of exploring the important heritage of the valley in the villages of Vallouise-Pelvoux, Les Vigneaux and Puy Saint Vincent, by establishing family walks that can be followed at your own pace.

Trails to follow

La Vallouise

Puy Saint Vincent

Inauguration of the ‘Sentier des Ardoisières’ — Vallouise-Pelvoux

A new trail has been added to the list. The ‘Sentier des Ardoisières’ was inaugurated on 26 July 2017, starting from the Pont des Places, along the Onde Valley.

Evidence of the past where slate was used for the roofs of the region’s houses, many slate quarries were in operation in the Vallouise Valley. Claude, a member of the association suggested to everyone that it would be interesting for as many people as possible to follow in the steps of our ancestors to discover these unique spots.

This is how the ‘Sentier des Ardoisières’ came to be. With the help of the Association des Chasseurs de Vallouise, the Association Sentier et Patrimoine de la Vallouise cleared the trails that were previously hidden beneath the vegetation that taken back possession. After a 30-minute walk, the footpath leads to the former slate quarry that takes the form of a cave, where we can imagine the extraction. Large slates scatter the ground and the association has been able to set up a ‘small lounge’ made of slate and wood.

Contact details

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Association Sentiers et Patrimoine de la Vallouise