Dog sleighing

Sitting in the sleigh driven by the musher, set out on an excursion to discover this fun activity in a grandiose landscape.

Discover the Pays des Écrins by dog sleigh!

Meet the musher and the dogs

Dog sleighing is an activity that attracts many people who are looking for thrills in wide open snow-covered spaces. The first meeting with the musher and his pack of dogs is a remarkable and memorable moment.

Before setting off on the sleigh, there will be a briefing by the musher giving the instructions to follow.

The dogs, who are already equipped with their harnesses, are pawing at the ground impatiently at the thought of heading off across the snowy plain. The dogs are organised in a pack and each of them has a specific function within the team.

First there is the lead dog, the one that leads the team. The ‘lead’ dogs are the ones that will respond directly to the musher’s orders. They relay the direction, pace and speed to the other dogs.

Contrary to what you might think, they are not necessarily the leaders of the pack.

So, the lead dogs are followed by other dogs who are there to support them.

As for the musher, they are at the back and drive the sleigh. They are attentive to their dogs and are there to take care of them. The bond between the musher and their dogs is very strong.

Let’s go!

Once everything is set up, it’s time for the new mushers to get on the sleigh. The departure is imminent, the dogs are thrilled at the idea of heading off. Just make sure you’re ready when the dogs get going across the snowy plain. Budding mushers will have a special feeling during the great white crossing! With the wind in their face, and their head in the stars, they are in a white paradise at the foot of the most beautiful summits of the Écrins massif.

After the excursion, it will be time for the dogs to have a rest. A stroke for each of them to say thanks for pulling the sleigh so well. You’ll want to start all over again straight away.

To end the day, what could be better than a good hot chocolate to recover from your emotions.

This activity is for everyone. Adults and children alike can learn during an initiation session… A lasting souvenir!