Geocaching is a fun activity to do with friends or family.

Take part in the world’s biggest treasure hunt through geocaching. This fun activity combines hiking and


What is geocaching?

It is a modern version of a treasure hunt. A fun way to explore the cultural, architectural and industrial heritage but also the natural sites of our villages.

Geocaching is a leisure activity that combines hiking and discovering tourist sites. It is a modern-day treasure hunt, which can be enjoyed with family and friends.

Boxes (caches) include a logbook and generally a small object of little value. To find the caches, a hiking GPS is used.

All the coordinates (longitude, latitude) are on the official website

In the Pays des Écrins there are over 300 caches!

To find all the caches in the Pays des Écrins, create an account on



—Make sure you are equipped with a hiking GPS or a smartphone. If you have an iPhone, download the free, official application ‘’ or any other application that enables you to enter the coordinates of one of the caches presented in our Plan-Pocket.

—Use your GPS to help you reach the designated place and find the hidden object.

—Once you have found the cache, if there is an object in the box, take it and leave another, of equivalent of greater value, in its place.

Sign and leave a message in the logbook that is also in the box and discretely replace the box where you found it.

—You can share your adventures and photos on the website.