By following the GR 54, also known as the Great Tour of the Écrins, you will explore the most beautiful landscapes of the Écrins National Park.

The GR 54 is the itinerary that was previously called the ‘Great Tour of the Écrins’ or ‘Tour de l’Oisans’. The circuit takes a fortnight to complete. You can choose to do the tour, or sections. The tour is technical and requires good physical condition and knowledge of mountain environments in order to complete the 184 km circuit.

You will cross mythical mountain passes and come close to the most beautiful summits of the Écrins massif.


The GR54 in the Pays des Écrins

Part of the GR54 goes through the area. To the north, the entrance way to the Pays des Écrins is via the Col de l’Eychauda. You will descend via the hamlet of Chambran before reaching the village of Pelvoux. From Pelvoux, you will need to continue to the traditional village of Vallouise, at the confluence of the Gyr and Onde. Heading towards Les Bans, the itinerary continues by joining the Onde and Entre-les-Aigues Valleys. Then you need to turn towards the Cold de l’Aulp Martin in order to reach the Valgaudemar.

There is another alternative from Vallouise to the village of Puy Saint Vincent. The footpath will lead you to the Col de la Pousterle on the heights of the Fournel Valley.

You will then progress along the unspoilt Fournel Valley, via the Deslioures ecological reserve. This is a Natura 2000 site and Europe’s number one reserve of the ‘Queen of the Alps’ or ‘Alpine Sea Holly’. You will then need to link up to the Pas de la Cavale to enter the Valgaudemar mountains.


An itinerary showcased by the Écrins National Park

The Great tour of the Écrins is a main hiking route that is promoted by the Écrins National Park. You can find all the information you need to prepare you ‘Great Tour’ on the website.