Les Écrins - Mountaineering terrain - dream terrain

The Pays des Écrins is high mountain terrain by tradition. The massif is technical and the approach routes to the prestigious summits are fabulous hikes in themselves. Barre des Écrins, Roche Faurio, Dôme des Écrins, etc.  The Pays des Écrins is mountaineering terrain par excellence.

4 a.m. is the departure time for the main itineraries. The majority of them are accessible to most people: Roche Faurio 3,730 m, Les Agneaux 3,664 m, Le Dôme des Écrins 4,015 m...

After a few hours going up, the panorama opens, the great alpine cirque is revealed, and the mountaineers can breathe!

We advise contacting specialists in the Pays des Écrins to organise your outings.

High Mountains, an adventure ground

'High mountain' is the term used by mountaineers to indicate the area of the mountains where their progress depends on specific knowledge (preparation, techniques, etc.).

Mountaineers know the Écrins massif and La Barre des Écrins, its legendary peak, well. For novices, the high mountain terrain should be approached with a guide.

A guidebook for the Écrins Range

The only one updated Ecrins guidebook - grades and descriptions of classic Routes in the Écrins is a modern guidebook to summer mountaineering in the Écrins, Oisans, Valgaudemar and Valjouffrey.

Consultations and selling shops in Pays des Écrins

Consultation is possible In the Tourisme Office of Ailefroide

The following refuges of the Valley :

  • Pré de Madame Carle Chalet-hotel
  • Glacier Blanc Hut
  • Bans Hut
  • Ecrins Hut
  • Pelvoux Hut
  • Sélé Hut

All theses books are also available in the Valley in the following shops.

  • Espace Montagne (L’Argentière la Bessée) 
  • Maison de la presse (L’Argentière la Bessée)
  • L’Ecrins sport (Vallouise et Ailefroide)
  • Librairie Mot à Mots (Vallouise)
  • King’s (Vallouise) 
  • Sport 2000 en Ecrins (Pelvoux)
  • Le mousqueton (Ailefroide)

To buy the guidebook online on Editions Constant's web site (29€) clik here