Paragliding Hautes-Alpes

From the air...paragliding, another way to discover the mountains in the Pays des Écrins.

Fly over the Écrins

Paragliding is a form of gliding activity that appeared in the ’70s. The activity has become more widely accessible to the general public thanks to tandem flights.


Paragliding in a few words

You will be sat on a little saddle and the paraglider will control the wing.

The activity takes place in the air, but to start, you will need to run off a take-off path. In summer, once in the air, the paraglider is on the lookout for thermals that fill the wing with warm air currents enabling it to rise. You will then be flying over the mountain landscapes and nearing the most beautiful summits.

In winter, you will set off from the ski slopes and descend progressively to the foot of the resorts.

It is an activity that many enjoy and is possible from an early age.


Paragliding in the Pays des Écrins

In both summer and winter, you can choose to try this activity in the Pays des Écrins resorts: Puy Saint Vincent and Pelvoux-Vallouise. Flying over the Pays des Écrins on a clear day is a pure delight!

Professionals are available to help you get a taste for the joys of gliding and therefore discover the area from the sky. A paragliding flight is the guarantee of an unforgettable experience enabling you to approach the summits of the Écrins National Park. You will see the glaciers from a different angle for a lasting memory.


You can learn paragliding!

You’ve tested the activity and now want to go a step further. Our qualified professionals offer beginners and advanced courses, so you can fly alone. The Pays des Écrins’ will no longer hold any secrets for you.

After reading these words, you will no doubt want to try this activity and fly like a bird. You will be able to spread your wing, take the plunge and touch the sky of the Écrins with your fingertips.