Ruisseling is an activity that consists in climbing frozen streams, in small gorges that are carved out by the steams in summer.

Ice, in all its forms!

Ruisseling is a little-known activity that consists in climbing up the frozen streams and watercourses in the small gorges that have been carved out by the streams in summer.

Ruisseling is an energising sports activity.

Ruisseling is possible when it is cold and there is little snow, when the ice is uncovered.

The bare ice means you need to wear crampons to walk from protrusion to protrusion. Other equipment you will need for heading up the streams of the Pays des Écrins are a helmet and an ice axe for traction. Make sure you wear warm, comfortable clothes.

The activity is similar to ice climbing and is ideal for nature lovers and anyone seeking peace and quiet. Indeed, you will be far from the hustle and bustle of the ski slopes. Take time for an energising sport in snow-covered scenery.

The most skilled will be able to try using their ice axe on steeper slopes, purely for the pleasure of trying something new.

A high mountain Guide will assist you to so you can safely enjoy this activity. As a beginner, you will be accompanied and advised by the guide. Ruisseling will no longer hold any secrets for you.

This activity depends on the ice conditions at a given time. Don’t hesitate to contact specialists to ensure a good Ruisseling experience.