Off-piste skiing Hautes Alpes

Off-piste skiing is widely practised in the Pays des Écrins and the Hautes-Alpes.

The area has a thousand treasures. Who wouldn’t want to escape for a couple of hours, a day, or even several days in a beautiful setting to discover some of the valley’s gems.

Off-piste skiing

This sport, also known as freeride, involves skiing off the marked and groomed slopes. Contrary to ski touring, it can take place close to a ski resort and does not exclude using the lifts.

Ski tourers and off-piste skiers, please respect the natural areas of the Écrins National Park and avoid disturbing the hibernating zones of certain animal species such as the black grouse or the ptarmigan. There is plenty of space in the mountains…

There is room for everyone, skiers and wildlife.

There are certain risks with off-piste skiing as the avalanche zones are not secured as they are in the resorts.

Therefore, in order to enjoy this sport, it is recommended you know the area and the snow conditions well.

Call upon a guide for advice or assistance to ensure a successful outing.