Sliding and fits of laughter

You can choose between the runs in Puy Saint Vincent and Pelvoux-Vallouise.

The wooden sledges of our childhood, that for a long time were used as a means of transport, have come a long way since then. Today, sledging is a leisure activity that is much appreciated by children.

Sledging in a few words

Nowadays, sledging is an activity that children love once the day’s skiing is over. There is no way you can spend a mountain holiday without going sledging.

Most modern sledges are plastic. The most sophisticated versions have a seat, brakes and spaces for your feet. They make it easier to safely hurtle down the runs for the joy of both children and adults.

A second kind of sledge, shaped like a spade, is much more basic but just as effective and can also be used on the dedicated runs.

In short, the idea is to sit on the flat seat part and hold the handle. Now all that’s left is to slide. With this basic version, the best brakes available are your feet!


Sledging in the Pays des Écrins

Sledging is an activity that can be enjoyed on the snow front of the ski resorts. The resorts in the Pays des Écrins are no exception and both have sledging runs for your after-ski sliding activity.


The sledge runs in Puy Saint Vincent

There are two sledge runs during the winter season. One in Puy Saint Vincent 1400 m and the other in Puy Saint Vincent 1600 m. The runs are entirely dedicated to sledging: remember to ask where they are when you arrive at the resort. They are secured runs that are specially reserved for this activity.


The sledge runs in Pelvoux-Vallouise

There is a secured run on the snow front in the Pelvoux-Vallouise resort and another in the village of Vallouise (follow the directions from the Gérendoine Bridge).

The Pelvoux sledge run is at the ski resort. The Vallouise run can be found on the Vallouise plain. Follow the footpath from the Gérendoine Bridge (start of the Onde Valley).

Children and adults all remember the fun time they had hurtling down slopes on a sledge. Pure joy!


Reminder: for safety reasons, sledging is forbidden on the ski slopes.

Where to find a sledge

No winter holiday would be complete without a good sledge to continue sliding once the ski slopes are closed. So where can you get hold of a sledge to have fun with the family?

There are two possibilities: buy your own sledge or hire one. In both cases, you’ll find what you need in the sports shops across the Pays des Écrins.


So, take the plunge and get hold of the equipment you need! Have fun!