White water

The Pays des Écrins is a hot spot for white water in France. It is possible to navigate on a range of rivers that are renowned throughout the world.

White water in a few words

White water is the name given to flowing, natural water, that is constantly moving due to the slope or natural obstacles (rocks, drops, cliffs, waterfalls, etc.).

White water is navigated following the current, sometimes across rugged terrain. This has a direct impact on the boat.

The different types of water movements (bends, whirlpools, back currents, drops) and the rocks present along the routes create sections that are more or less complicated and form the rapids on our rivers.

White-water sports include canoe-kayaking, rafting, white-water swimming and kayak and canoe rafting.


Canyoning is also a white-water sport that combines climbing and hiking. It is without a doubt what is known as an extreme sport. Combining aquatic, aerial and vertical elements,

This sports activity takes place in watercourses with a specific topography that have, in most cases, successive vertical chutes that are covered by swimming, jumping into pans, using the natural environment (natural rock slides) and call on progression techniques using ropes, for abseiling down, for example.

Canyoning takes place from upstream to downstream in a specific environment (streams, brooks, gorges, cluses, etc.).