Rafting Hautes-Alpes

Take the plunge and test inflatable boats such as rafts, canoes, kayaks and set out on the most beautiful rapids of the Pays des Écrins.


Rafting uses an inflatable, non-sinkable boat that can carry up to 12 people. And here it is steered using a paddle and as a team. In other countries, where the flow is higher, an oar is used. An oar provides the ideal thrust to navigate through larger rapids. The rafting boat has a main inflatable chamber all around the boat. It has compartments which makes it unsinkable should one of them be punctured. Several chambers across the structure ensure its rigidity. The main qualities are its light weight and its excellent floating ability. The instructor will always stay at the back of the boat: he’s the captain! He will lead the vessel and the team, sitting on the side chambers, will help to steer and move the raft forward. Rafting is an ideal activity for a first white-water navigation experience.

Air boat or hot dog (inflatable kayak/canoe) 

Inflatable canoes and kayaks are two unsinkable, inflatable vessels that can be used to navigate Grade 2, 3 and 4 rivers. They therefore make access to rivers such as the Durance possible for a fun activity with friends or family. The activity will always be supervised by a qualified instructor. The necessary manoeuvre and safety instructions will be given before you start. Alone or with another person, this will be a pleasant, refreshing experience.