The Écrins National Park

Enter one of France’s most beautiful natural parks.

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Between the northern Alps and the southern Alps, the Écrins massif is a vast high mountain zone (with 150 summits above 3,000 m and approximately 10,000 hectares of glaciers).

Le Pré de Madame Carle, at the end of the Vallouise Valley, is one of the gateways to the Park (at 1,800 m in altitude). You can easily reach the spectacular area where there are glaciers and summits:  La Barre des Écrins (4,100 m) the highest point of the massif, or Mont Pelvoux (3,932 m).
In summer, there is a seasonal Park information office at Le Pré de Mme Carle. In winter, the area within the Park is only accessible accompanied by a mountain specialist, due to the risk of avalanche.
You can visit the Écrins National Park website here

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