‘Esprit Parc National’ brand

The ‘Esprit Parc National’ brand was created in 2015 and encourages respectful practices to preserve the Écrins National Park.

The‘Esprit Parc National’ brand.

The ‘Esprit Parc National’ brand lists all professionals who have chosen to adopt a sustainable approach in accordance with the principles of the Écrins National Park, and who are committed to preserving and promoting the National Parks’ exceptional territories.

The brand provides a privileged means by which to discover the variety of the Écrins National Park: a stay in a rural gîte, stopover gîte or bed and breakfast. The hosts are committed and stand out through their sustainable approach, preserve and promote the natural and cultural heritage, know-how and landscapes, and guarantee traditional construction methods in close relation with local economic sectors.

Creation of the ‘Esprit Parc National’ brand.

It was on 9 July 2015 that the Écrins National Park officially awarded the ‘Esprit Parc National’ label to different hosts and service providers in the Hautes-Alpes.

The aim of the new brand is to promote activities and accommodation that are rooted in the region and thus enable visitors to identify structures meeting their expectations in terms of ecology, respect for nature and sustainable development. Each structure that applies is audited and agrees to comply with national regulations. Those who have been awarded the label become ambassadors for the Park. In return, the Park assists them and shares information on their products. The ‘Esprit Parc National’ brand was launched on Thursday, 9 July 2015 at the ‘Au Fil de l’Onde’ chalet in Vallouise. 25 professionals, producers or service providers within the Park’s territory, received the ‘Esprit Parc National’ label from Bernard Héritier, Vice-President of the Écrins National Park. Mr Joel Giraud, Member of Parliament for the Hautes-Alpes, Jean Conreaux, Mayor of Vallouise and Councillor for the Hautes-Alpes as well as Yvan Chaix, Director of ADDET (Agence de Développement Départementale Économique et Touristique des Hautes-Alpes). In all, nine hosts, 11 mountain guide structures and five beekeepers were awarded the label.