Ayurvedic treatment


Located in the very heart of the Écrins massif, on the edge of the village of L’Argentière-La-Bessée, 15 km from Briançon, the Nalanda Centre welcomes you for a relaxing Ayurveda-style break.

The bioclimatic restoration and 100% environmentally friendly materials mean that the Nalanda Centre totally respects the environment and is conducive to meditation. The natural environment is untouched and there is an exceptional view of the mountains.

The footpath behind the centre joins the GR 54 route (Tour of Oisans and Écrins).



Ayurvedic treatment involves much more than getting back in shape. It is a special moment, when time stands still, a moment of peace where you will be guided along the Ayurveda path.

It is really rejuvenating, precious moments discovering your true nature and a better knowledge of yourself.

It is a unique moment, far from the hustle and bustle of daily life, in a space that is suited to awakening all your senses and reclaiming joy and tranquillity, amid nature, surrounded by the mountains.

Rediscover the secrets of wellness, passed down over generations, simple and natural remedies for well-being.

Ayurvedic treatment offers a true preventive health approach.

It is time for rejuvenation and recovery. It is restful and soothing, detoxifies the body and the mind, invigorates the whole being, not only cells and tissues but also the energy systems and emotional states and helps to fight the effects of time.

It will make you stronger and reinforce your immune system, preserving your health capital to face the difficulties of daily life.

The treatment does not consist only of massages, but also the care alongside them: 100% organic food, vegetarian and balanced according to the Ayurvedic dietary rules with the magic of spices that help the body to detoxify from the inside. There is also hatha yoga, nidra yoga, meditation, walks outside in nature and breathing exercises.

A last element that is no less important, rest: relaxation and sleep so that your body can absorb the treatment it has received throughout the week.

As an approved Tapovan Centre, all treatments follow the methods elaborated by Kiran Vyas and renowned Ayurvedic doctors. They are suited to the Western way of life while following the traditional methods of Ayurvedic medicine.

All therapies take place over 5 days, 6 nights, from Sunday evening to Saturday morning after breakfast, alternating mornings and afternoons (3½ hours of treatment).

You will have between two and three massages per day including one major treatment: shirodhara, abhyanga, pichauli and other lighter care: gandouche, vajradanti, netranjan (eye treatment), nasya, facial cleansing. Personalised attention throughout the week.

In order to meet your needs, ‘pamper’ you, accompany you and chat with you, the centre welcomes no more than five to six people.



For anyone, whatever their age, for men and women who are looking for a new ‘way to live and be’ who want to learn more about themselves, take care of their health and themselves, and give themselves a transitory moment of wellness.

The therapies are recommended for all transition periods. A change of season, spring, summer, autumn solstices but also life events, be they happy (wedding, birth) or painful (break up, divorce, grief) as well as professional changes (promotion, change, reorganisation).

The therapy is also a great help for major decision making, it helps to ‘open your eyes’ so you can see more clearly.

Finally, you will have discussions and exchanges on subjects that are dear to you throughout the week.

This may be knowledge of Ayurveda through a conference that will enable you to find the keys to apply the simple, effective principles of Ayurveda, but also to determine your dosha (vata, pitta, kapha).

Or on yoga, breathing and relaxation techniques so the mind can let go, postures that can relieve back ache.

And inevitably, on Ayurvedic cooking and its six tastes, the magic of spices and plants will hold no more secrets for you.




Ojas means light. Ojaskar literally means ‘that increases the light of the body, its immunity’.

It is classic wellness therapy. The sequence of treatments will lead you into deep relaxation, where both body and mind will let go. The treatment follows a progressive sequence over the days according to Ayurveda rules: Shirodhara, Pichauli, Abhyanga, Shastishalipinsweda, massage of seven postures, Kansu, …



It takes place just like the Ojaskar therapy except that there is specific draining treatment such as Udvartana (massage with chickpea flour and spices), for a slimming effect.

Shista vastra (wrapping the body in strips of ice cold material). In addition, you will be offered a suitable diet, drinks and herbal teas.



This is a regenerating therapy for organisms that are under stress from the pressure of daily life. It brings peace to the mind, increases concentration, rejuvenates and brings enthusiasm and vitality.

The various Ayurvedic treatments follow a progressive rhythm throughout the week. 2 Shirodhara, Pichauli, Abhyanga, Shastishalipinsweda, massage of seven postures, Kansu, …

Boosting herbal teas, drinks and fresh fruit and vegetable juices will be offered.



To prepare to see in the new year with traditional wellness treatments: Shirodhara, Kansu, Abhyanga, Pichauli, Shastishalipinsweda, Udvartana … herbal teas, fresh fruit and vegetable juices, ‘New Year’s Eve with festive colours and recipes of Ayurvedic cooking’

For beauty inside and out.



The Panchakarama therapy is recommended for those who want to be proactive and go further in the physical and mental detoxification. Each day, in addition to the traditional massages of the Ayurvedic therapy, you will be accompanied in a purification process.

All our wellness therapies for the body and the mind are specially designed to effectively eliminate stress and rediscover the joy of life.



Come to the centre in the Écrins massif, for a unique experience. Learn how to fast, a practice that today is acknowledged by scientists and doctors (cf. the documentary aired on the Arte channel: ‘fasting, a new therapy?’), that will no doubt lead you to consider a new approach to your eating habits and your life in general.

Fasting leads to deep cleansing of the body and regeneration of the organs. And you will see and feel it at the end of the fast. Don’t we talk of aesthetic fasting?

It is a deep, spiritual experience that helps us to escape from our fears. Isn’t the fear of lacking in general, of food in particular, deeply rooted in our collective subconscious?

The stay takes place over 6 days in order to try a central period of complete water fast for five full days. This is the minimum required to really feel the long-term benefits of fasting and therefore be encouraged to adopt it as an extremely powerful practice for wellness and perfect health, to be used on request.

During your stay, yoga, gentle gymnastics, walks in the Écrins National Park, an excursion to the Monetier baths, a Pura Detox treatment and an abhyanga massage will be offered.

Finally, debates, conferences, film projections and meditation will punctuate the stay.

Experience a wellness fast. Come and recharge your batteries in a mountain environment far from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Treat yourself to this precious time that you really deserve.

After all, we only live once!



These therapies are provided by Cécile and Marc Lusinchi, who are Ayurvedic therapists and yoga teachers.

All our therapies are wellness therapies.

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