During the week

You’ll never be bored if you like nature!

There is something for everyone in the Pays des Écrins whether you are interested in sports or simply like to contemplate.

Over the seasons, the area displays all the colours of the rainbow and all activities are possible:  It’s up to you to design our own programme! There are so many possibilities in a week, that you can do a different activity each day or choose one field and change the setting.

Sports enthusiasts will enjoy their favourite activities:  Trail running, white-water sports, climbing, mountaineering, hiking, cycling (road and mountain biking). However, you don’t need to be a top athlete: the activities are adapted to all levels.

Via Ferratas give the impression of climbing (roughly 10 via ferratas), electrically-assisted mountain bikes mean anyone can try mountain outings and hiking is within everyone’s reach. Not forgetting the places that are just a car’s drive away.

The Pays des Écrins has some remarkable heritage:

– Industrial, with the noteworthy silver mines that had two operating periods, in the Middle Ages and in the 19th century with very different operating methods (by appointment)

– Natural, with the Écrins National Park and the Maison du Parc in Vallouise.

– Religious, with more than 30 religious buildings, often associated with the religious wars between Catholics and Vaudois during the Middle Ages. The village of Dormillouse is a symbol of this dissident religious history and is a perfect illustration of the mountain providing protection.

The Pays des Écrins is a haven of wildlife. In spring, nature awakes: an abundance of flowers and insects in the meadows, but not all activities are possible yet, in the shade, lasting snow may bring any higher altitude excursion to halt.

The mountains are splendid in summer and the days are longer. The summer skies are so clear that they are ideal for observing the stars. Many festivities and village fêtes may take place during your stay: request the programme from the Tourist Information Offices.

Autumn generally presents a festival of colours with a mild, Indian summer and magnificent colours in October-November. Sports activities are still possible, and photographers will be able to take beautiful pictures: incredible blue skies, white summits, deciduous trees in a range of colours from gold to red and larch trees from gold to fawn.

It is the time to reflect on how well we feel immersed in nature, and to get away from it all.

Activity instructors not only enable you to discover the activity itself but also the area in a deeper and more detailed manner thanks to the advice and specific knowledge.