With my dog

Sharing the joys of the snow with your dog is a real pleasure: walking, running, burrowing or rolling in the snow. Anything is possible!

The many forest paths and trails, as well as the groomed pedestrian trails (where your dog must be kept on a lead), are ideal for a walk. Be aware of the avalanche risk beyond the dedicated areas. You cannot enter the Écrins National Park with your dog.

Pay careful attention to your dog’s health depending on its size and adaptability. A dog can get cold quickly: don’t forget to take a little coat. Balls of ice may form under a dog’s tummy or between its toes in the case of long walks in ungroomed snow.

In the case of prolonged exposure, the road salt used can damage their pads. Their paws should be rinsed so that they do not ingest snow clearing products when licking them.

If necessary, vets’ details (Guillestre and Briançon) can be obtained from the Tourist Offices.