With my partner

The Pays des Écrins has plenty of secrets for you to discover together, all in magical settings where you will feel like the world belongs to you!

Are you dreaming of a romantic weekend and looking for the ideal destination to visit with your partner? You can count on the Pays des Écrins for a romantic getaway in a spectacular setting facing the most beautiful summits of the Écrins National Park.

Visit the Pays des Écrins together!

The Pays des Écrins is a romantic destination in its own right, withthe promise of peace and tranquillity. All four seasons are suitable for discovering the area and its remarkable natural and cultural heritage.

In summer, discover the charm of a romantic sunset at the foot of Mont Pelvoux. A unique, intimate moment.

In winter, wrap up a day’s skiing in one of the spas. A warm, relaxing time in the cold of winter.

The mountains colours in spring and autumn are particularly beautiful. You’ll be smitten!

A romantic getaway in the great outdoors!

The Pays des Écrins is an area where many outdoor activities are possible. Planning your holiday here is a way of creating great memories together.

Through either gentle of adventure activities, you’ll experience plenty of emotions during your getaway together.

Cuddle up below a starry sky!

The Pays des Écrins has some surprising accommodation, ideal for your romantic evenings. You could try a night outdoors in a round bed: a unique moment below the pure sky of the Hautes-Alpes.

Or you could simply leave hand-in-hand, tent on your back and bivouac in an untouched setting. The mountains will be all yours.

Charming hotels and bed and breakfasts welcome you in a cosy environment where you will be pampered.

Kota refuges are also available. Choose your destination and spend a night in a wooden chalet with well-studied decoration. Bonus: relax in a Nordic bath as night falls.

For your taste buds!

During your stay, you will not be able to resist the opportunity of a romantic meal. There is a wide range of establishments in the Pays des Écrins, where you can savour local gastronomy. Make the most of a morning at the village market in preparation for a bucolic picnic including local cheeses and cold meats. Enjoy them in an exceptional natural setting, as if you were alone in the world.

You will find all the necessary elements for an unforgettable stay together. In the Pays des Écrins, you will be spoilt for choice when organising your romantic trip with your partner in one of the most beautiful areas of the Southern Alps.