The Tourist Office staff

Welcome to the Pays des Écrins

The Tourist Office has a team that works on several fronts.

Reception staff: they are the advisors that you will meet when you call in to the information desks. They will answer your questions, send you tourist literature and answer your e-mails. In summer and winter, activities are organised by a specialised team from the Tourist Office but also by many local associations.

The Internet and social media are essential tools to advertise and learn about our destination.

The Tourist Office’s role also includes marketing using promotional brochures and attending fairs (Hiking Fair in Lyon, Saint-Germain des Neiges in Paris, Agricultural Fair in Paris, Tout Schuss (ski) Day in Aix-en-Provence, etc.).

The Office du Tourisme Intercommunal du Pays des Écrins’ internal organisation and management mean it can coordinate all operators involved and apply the decisions made by the councillors and socio-professionals who are part of the Association.