Fat biking on snow

Fat biking is on the rise.

You will use the trails without too much effort and make the most of the unique scenery in the heart of the Écrins National Park.

The fat bike in a few words

A fat bike is an all-terrain bike with oversized tyres compared to a traditional mountain bike.

This unusual bike means you can cover unstable terrain without any difficulty. For steeper climbs, the bike is electrically assisted and your best ally to effortlessly reach the summits.

The sport is attracting more and more people who are curious to discover this unusual activity. In the snow, you will be able to handle all conditions. Fresh, tracked or even muddy snow, the fact bike is ideal for hurtling down the snowy slopes.

The Pays des Écrins and the fat bike

For some time now, fat bikes have been used in the Pays des Écrins. Specialists will accompany you to try this new activity. You will cross and discover the snowy landscapes of the area.

Fat biking hits the Puy Saint Vincent resort

From the 2017/2018 winter season, the Puy Saint Vincent resort has a specific area for those who would like to try this activity.

Information: SAEM Les Écrins +33 (0)4 92 23 43 43

Now you just need to head to the slopes. Fat biking is an activity that will appeal to anyone who likes to hurtle down the slopes on two wheels.