Fishing Hautes-Alpes

Fishing on the many lakes and rivers in the Pays des Écrins.

The Hautes-Alpes have some exceptional watercourses which are gems for fishing. Rivers, streams and lakes are all places that fishing enthusiasts can explore during their stay in the pays des Écrins.


Valued species swim in the waters of the pays des Écrins.

There are many species in the crystal-clear waters across the area: trout, arctic char, brook trout and many more.

Fishing in the Pays des Écrins, means you can escape in magnificent landscapes and appreciate the calm along the crystal-clear, pure watercourses.


Where to fish in the Pays des Écrins

The Pays des Écrins has a considerable number of streams and watercourses where you can go fishing.

The main, and most well-known rivers are the Durance, the Gyronde, the Byaisse, the Gyr and the Onde. Besides the rivers, altitude lakes are fishing destinations that are worth the effort as it’s only after a few hours' walking that you will take advantage of altitude fishing in some spectacular places. To name a few, you will encounter some of the most beautiful fish in the lakes of the Freissinières Valley: Fangeas Lake, Faravel Lake and Palluel Lake. Further north, the glacial Eychauda Lake is a must in the Pays des Écrins. On the heights of Pelvoux, it is only after a 2-hour walk that you will be able to rest. Last but not least, the exquisite Ascension Lakes, are well worth the additional walk to reach them. Fishing in the Néal or Escur Lakes where the water is incredibly pure, guarantees successful fishing around La Roche de Rame. The star of your keepnet at these altitude lakes will be trout.


Warning, fishing prohibited!

There are some places where any kind of fishing is prohibited. These are commonly known as fishing reserves. We are indicating their whereabouts in order to ensure survival of certain species.

The following sections of waterways (downstream to upstream), streams and lakes have been classed as fishing reserves for three years from 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2019:

La Gaule de Freissinières
  • The Jaimes stream: from the bridge on the RD38 to the bridge crossing the village of Freissinières
  • The Malafouasse Stream, from its confluence with the Byaisse to the waterfall.
  • L’Adoux des Sagnasses on the Byaisse, from its confluence with the Byaisse on the left bank.
La Rive Reine
  • L’adoux de Barrachin and the Crépon stream on the Durance: from its confluence with the Durance on the right bank to the sources (Champcella)
  • L’Adoux du Gaudeyron on the Durance: from its confluence with the Durance on the left bank to the sources (La Roche-de-Rame)
La Truite Vallouisienne
  • The Onde stream: from the EDF dam to the Gérondoine bridge over the RD 504 road (Vallouise)
  • The Gyr stream: from the EDF dam to the Vallouise ‘Rière Pont’ (Vallouise)
  • La Selle Stream: from the confluence with Les Bans ‘Entre les Aygues’ to the Jas Lacroix cabin.
La Gaule Vaudoise
  • The Durance: from the bridge over the RN 94 road at the foot of the EDF dam in Prelles (l’Argentière-la-Bessée).
  • L’Adoux du Fournel: from its confluence with the Fournel, on the right bank, to the sources (l'Argentière-la-Bessée)


Shops for your fishing items

  • 'Carmela Jean Claude' in L’Argentière La Bessée
  • ‘L’Ecrin Sports’ in Vallouise


Your fishing permit in the Pays des Écrins

  • ‘Le Central’ bar in La Roche-de-Rame
  • ‘La Dormilhosa’ inn in Champcella
  • ‘Le Relais des Vaudois’ in Freissinières
  • Mr Baridon Bernard in Freissinières
  • Le Rif bar in Les Vigneaux
  • Carmela ‘Pêche Chasse’ in L’Argentière-la Bessée
  • ‘La Gironde’ Hotel-bar in L’Argentière-la Bessée

You can also buy your fishing permit online at

Please note: inter-department reciprocity is not applicable in the Hautes-Alpes. However, a discount will be granted if you already have a fishing permit.


Useful information

Find more information on the federation website

Don’t forget to check the weather forecast before setting out to go fishing in the mountains.

Météo France 08 92 68 02 05

If you witness pollution of a watercourse, contact the ONEMA on +33 (0)4 92 46 61 84