Trail running Hautes-Alpes

There are several reception sites for participants across the Pays des Écrins trail running resort. Each site is the start point for several routes and different levels and other routes link up the reception sites. The black route completes the tour of the Pays des Écrins, going through all sites.


Marked trail running routes:

The routes are marked with a colour code in the same way as ski slopes (green, blue, red, black) corresponding to the difficulty (length in kilometres and elevation). Each route has its own number, which is also displayed on the signs. All levels are covered with routes ranging from 5 km to 40 km.

Also, a ‘Trail Stadium’ area exists around the technical routes for training purposes: uphill, fractionated training workshops, Vertical Kilometre (1,000 m gradient in one go).


Reception centre:

These friendly centres provide changing rooms and showers, presentation of the routes, advice from a monitor, IT stations to register your times on the Trail Resort website. There is also a relaxation area. Specialised coaches can provide personalised assistance on a day basis or as a training course.


Reception centres in the Pays des Écrins

In Saint Martin-de-Queyrières

Iscle de Prelles campsite: reception/showers (paid €2)/toilets

Start of routes: Reception centre, except for the blue route that starts in the hamlet of Sainte-Marguerite (towards L’Argentière-La-Bessée).

Trail stadium workshops: 250-m course and 500-m course

In Les Vigneaux

1/ Le Courounba campsite

Available services: reception, paid showers (€2), toilets

2/ Les Carlines gîte:  Information/paid showers (€2)/toilets

Start of routes: Reception centre

Trail stadium workshops: Hill

In Vallouise

Indigo campsite: reception/paid showers

Start of routes at the entrance to the campsite

In Freissinières

Les Allouviers campsite: reception/paid showers/toilets

Start of routes from the Maison de la Vallée

Trail stadium workshops: 3,500 m circuit and VKM 1000 m and 1400 m positive gradient

In La Roche de Rame

Lake campsite: Reception/showers/toilets

Start of routes: from the reception centre

Trail stadium workshops: 3,400 m trail training circuit

The website: where you can consult the routes online, schedule training sessions with a coach and share your times and impression of the routes and pitch yourself against others.

There are many circuits. Find the details of the Pays des Écrins’ trail resort itineraries at:

Each year in June, the Grand Trail des Écrins takes place across the entire area. A weekend of friendly encounters, and sporting achievements for some and discovery of the activity for others.