Glacier blanc

The Glacier Blanc is an emblem of the Écrins National Park. It is a must, while you are in the Pays des Écrins.

After the Pré de Madame Carle, the Glacier Blanc is the second most visited site in the Écrins National Park and is closely monitored. It is a gem of the Pays des Écrins: a unique site where the mountains and ice are one! A site that absolutely must be seen, the opportunity to experience something magic is there, just before you.

Located in the heart of the Écrins National Park, in the municipality of Pelvoux, the Glacier Blanc is not to be missed for anyone visiting the Pays des Écrins.

Previously (19th century), the Glacier Noir and the Glacier Blanc were a single glacier. Global warming has strongly accelerated the retreat of the two giants and has separated them to form two distinct glaciers.

Today the front of the Glacier Blanc is located at an altitude of 2300 m and can be easily reached following the marked trail from the famous Pré de Madame Carle. It is also on the same route as the Écrin massif’s ice expeditions, such as the climb to the Barre and the Dôme des Écrins (the highest peak in the massif at 4101 m).

It is at 4000 m that the Glacier Blanc has its source, at the foot of the majestic Barre des Écrins.

The Glacier Blanc mountain refuge, which can be easily reached, provides the opportunity to spend a night at the foot of the ‘Giant’ where you will benefit from an extraordinary night among the stars. You might then decide to continue to the Écrins refuge and climb to the other mythical summits (Roche Forio, La Montagne des Agneaux, etc.)