Well-being holiday

You can already imagine it … your dream holiday in the Pays des Écrins! Wonderful days outdoors in the good weather and to wrap up the day a massage, a spa or a few strokes in a heated pool…

Your holiday awaits you!


In the Pays des Écrins, you can relax in a beautiful, relaxing setting.

In addition to the wellness areas across the territory, you will also be able to have a professional massage. A delight after a day of sun and nature in the Hautes-Alpes!

Whether you are looking for a massage with essential oils for your well-being, a shiatsu or plantar reflexology session, the calm and harmony obtained from these treatments will do you the world of good. Laurence Rage has created her business ‘Un voyage intérieur’ and provides treatment across the Pays des Écrins or at her practice, by appointment, 7/7. You can contact her on +33 (0)6 87 54 72 71

Laurence’s treatments:

  • Relaxing, harmonising massage with oils
  • Invigorating, energising massage
  • Somatotherapy (physical therapy)
  • Wellness massage workshop
  • Individual treatment

Corine Valès also carries out wellness massages in Puy Saint Vincent. If you need to recharge your batteries, find balance and harmony, just let go and make the most of your holidays.

Corine’s treatments:

  • Swedish massages (overall body massage with oils, lasting 60 to 90 minutes),
  • Californian massages (overall global massage with oils involving fluid movements for full body and mind relaxation. Duration 60 to 90 minutes),
  • Massage with Tibetan bowl sounds (generated by using different sized Tibetan bowls: the tones and vibrations penetrate deep into your body leading to an immediate sense of relaxation acting on your energy system. This massage is carried out fully dressed. Duration: 1 hour),
  • Back massages (this massage relieves muscular tension leading to physical and psychological relaxation. Duration: 30 min),
  • Plantar reflexology massage (deep foot massage. This massage is very relaxing and stimulates the natural healing process of the mind and body. Duration: 1 hour),
  • Leg and foot massages (a soothing relaxing moment that will relieve tiredness. Relaxation and muscular relief massage that stimulates circulation and lymphatic flow. Duration: 30mn),
  • Relaxing foot massage. Duration: 30 min.

To book an appointment with Corine, contact her on +33 (0)6 08 68 79 46 or visit her website.


You can also contact Régine at the Hamaneï spa for a massage in L’Argentière.