On my own

Are you travelling alone and looking for good deals in the Pays des Écrins? Here is a selection of our best ideas. Enjoy your visit!

Do you like wide open spaces, suitable for a retreat? The Pays des Écrins is ideal for planning a ‘solo’ stay at the foot of the most beautiful summits of the Écrins massif.

The Pays des Écrins just ‘for yourself’!

The Pays des Écrins promises tranquillity to stroll and explore this exceptional area in the heart of the southern Alps. You can come whatever the season. The choice is yours and they all promise breathtaking scenery. You will be captivated!

In summer, follow the footpaths of the Écrins National Park and set out to conquer the massif’s famous summits. In winter, hit the slopes and take advantage of the exceptional snow conditions in the Puy Saint Vincent and Pelvoux-Vallouise ski resorts and finish with a mulled wine. In spring and autumn, you’ll have the mountains all to yourself!

A holiday alone in the great outdoors!

Outdoor activities are an opportunity to further discover the Pays des Écrins. To take advantage of the sensations, you might like to join a group: an ideal chance to meet others because travelling alone does not mean you have to stay alone.

You can plan your activities and discoveries as you wish, and do what you want, when you want! Put simply: freedom!

Your nights in the Pays des Écrins

You progress at your own pace and do what you want depending on your mood. All that remains is to find a place to spend the night.

Are you a backpacker? Then bivouacs or camping are for you! The Pays des Écrins has a large choice of campsites where you can pitch your tent for one night or more. Bivouacking is possible but be careful when choosing a spot for a night at a higher altitude. This is a great way to set off on a touring adventure.

Bed and breakfasts are more comfortable than the tent and sleeping bag option and are an ideal base for a good night’s sleep. Your hosts will be the best advisers for your excursions. After a good day walking, there is nothing better than reflecting and recharging your batteries.

Taste the good dishes!

Whether you are an adventurer or not, you should not forget your meals! You will be able to enjoy the Pays des Écrins’ regional products with a unique taste of mountain gastronomy. Restaurants, local producers and markets are the ideal places to fill up for active days in the mountains.

In short, it’s up to you to choose your options for a solo holiday in the southern Alps. The Pays des Écrins is a revitalising destination.