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"Cyril Mahout" Mountain Guide

in Puy-Saint-Vincent
  • Appreciate the mountains during friendly hiking outings,
    punctuated by breaks and talks on the Pays des Écrins’ natural
    and human environment. Observe animals, lakes, summits,
    etc. at your own pace, with the family, friends or a group (hiking
    clubs, for example). Group rate… Half-day, full-day, evening on

  • Vincent Verrier is a partner to the Écrins National Park and along with Cyril offers:
    - Observation of mountain fauna
    - Outings with the family from age 5, half-day, full day, evening or at your request.

    Every Friday, Vincent Verrier offers to lead you to meet the Spirit of Ailefroide and learn the fascinating history of Alpine geology in the natural mountain environment. This also provides a unique opportnity to meet the only year-long inhabitants of Ailefroide.
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Book your activity
  • Accessibility
    • Not accessible in a wheelchair
  • Activities
    • Winter sports
    • Pedestrian sports
    • Bobsleigh/sledge
    • Nordic walking
    • Sports adapted for the disabled
    • Hiking in joelette¬Æ, hippocampe, randoline
Payment methods
  • Cheque
  • Cash
  • From May 1, 2024 until October 31, 2024
    Open Everyday