La Vallouise


The reception chalet where you can buy your cross-country skiing pass is close to the Écrins National Park Centre, at the start of the cross-country skiing trails on the edge of the plain. You can also buy your licence from the sports shops in Vallouise or at the tourist information desks in Vallouise and Pelvoux. There are 22 km of cross-country skiing trails between Vallouise and Pelvoux.

Cross-country skiing passes for the 2017–2018 winter season on sale online or at the Tourist Information desks in Vallouise and L’Argentière.

Are you looking to keep cool?

  • Think of the winter, the snow, cross-country skiing, biathlon … you can order your season pass from now and take advantage of the exclusive tariffs before the 30th of September:
  • The same tariffs as last year: €100 to ski anywhere in the Southern Alps, €60 to ski in the valley, Vallouise-Pelvoux-Les Vigneaux and Puy St Vincent.
  • Online purchase at Payment options; credit card, cheque or Chèques Vacances. Don’t forget to click on ‘Vallouise’, the price of your purchase is paid to us and is essential for us to operate.
  • From 1st August, also on sale in the Vallouise and L’Argentière Tourist Offices.
  • If you have your digital card from last year, you will just need to recharge it. If you don’t have one, it will cost €1 and we will need a passport-type photo… the difference being that you can smile!

The 35 km of cross-country skiing trails run alongside the valley’s rivers and offer amazing scenery in a totally calm setting. Beginners and experienced skiers will find just what they are looking for on the marked trails that are groomed each day.

Are you here…

  • … to take it easy? Beginners and children will benefit from the lovely, sunlit plain near to the Nordic Chalet.
  • … to contemplate? The cross-country skiing trails run alongside the rivers and go from one village to the next amid exceptional landscapes.
  • … for the sport? The trails are groomed each day, for skating or classic, easy or more technical.

The weather:

It can never be 100% guaranteed! But often the summits of Mont Pelvoux and the Barre des Écrins block the clouds bringing us snow, followed by sunshine not long after, and the Briançon area’s magnificent blue sky.

Practical information:

It is possible to start from the three villages in the valley: Les Vigneaux, Vallouise and Pelvoux.
Heated rooms, in Vallouise and Pelvoux, mean you can warm up and have a rest after your skiing session.

A pass is mandatory to use the Nordic trails. They are on sale at the Nordic Chalet in Vallouise, at the tourist information desks, sports shops and the Bar du Rif in Les Vigneaux.

To contact the patrollers and get information about the daily grooming: 04 92 23 53 47
For tourist information: + 33 (0)4 92 23 36 12


The village hall
Tel.: 04 92 23 53 47


The Nordic Chalet is located next to the Écrins National Park Centre in Vallouise (just after Vallouise-La Casse, turn left towards Puy St Vincent and the car park is on the right)



The ESF (French Ski School) gives alpine and cross-country skiing lessons and powder snow outings at the Pelvoux-Vallouise resort. Find all the details at the foot of this page and do not hesitate to contact them on + 33 (0)4 92 23 34 55


La Vallouise is a paradise for nature lovers and therefore for snowshoeing. Whether alone, or with others, you will love the scenery.

Below are some suggestions for snowshoeing excursions. You can hire the equipment from the sports shops in La Vallouise and call on a leader or guide to accompany you.

  • From Vallouise to Pelvoux along the Gyr: Easy
  • From Pelvoux to the Chouvet cabin on the Eychauda road: Easy
  • From Vallouise to Puy Saint Vincent 1400 m, starting from the ranch in Vallouise: Easy
  • From Pelvoux to Ailefroide: Moderate
  • From Vallouise to Puy Aillaud: Moderate


Place de l’Église
Tel.: + 33 (0)4 92 23 36 12



With a good pair of shoes, make the most of the pleasant winter walks.
If there has been a recent snow fall, you’ll need snowshoes!

  • Pedestrian trail along the Gyr between Vallouise and Pelvoux: Easy, 40 min one way;
  • From Pelvoux Le Sarret to Chambran (Eychauda road): Easy, 1 hour 15 min one way;
  • From Puy Saint Vincent 1600 m to Narreyroux: Easy, 1 hour one way;
  • From the Vallouise plain to the Pissette waterfall, starting from the Vallouise campsite, the Écrins National Park Centre: Easy, 1 hour one way;
  • Puy Aillaud to the Chalet de Pimouget: Easy, 1 hour 15 min;
  • From Vallouise to Puy Aillaud through the forest: Moderate, 1 hour 30 min one way;
  • From Les Vigneaux to the centre of Bouchier: Moderate, 1 hour 30 min one way;
  • From Pelvoux Les Claux to Ailefroide: Moderate, 1 hour 15 min one way on the footpath, return by the road (circuit), check for avalanche risk;
  • From the ranch in Vallouise to Puy Saint Vincent 1400 m: Moderate, 1 hour 15 min one way.