Puy Saint Vincent

A Nordic area with a breathtaking aerial panorama

You can enjoy classic and skating cross-country skiing or snowshoeing in an unspoilt setting at 2,700 m in altitude!

The cross-country skiing area, at an altitude of 2,730 m, covers 28 km of trails that are groomed daily. It provides an exceptional and amazing panorama of the Écrins massif and the Crête de Dormillouse. You can roam without restraint, whether you are an expert or a beginner. For winter walking enthusiasts (pedestrian or snowshoeing), there are many marked itineraries providing an opportunity to explore the unequalled, timeless spot. Novices will appreciate learning for free on the Villaret circuit, whereas seasoned skiers will prefer to descend the steep higher altitude, more technical, La Combe Noire and Tour des Têtes trails. Once these are completed, the icing on the cake is the unique, breathtaking view of the Durance Valley.

It is open from the first snow falls and until as late as possible into the season. An active team are there to greet you and provide information to those using the exceptional site, that is calm, in harmony with nature just a short distance from the particularly lively resort. To easily access the Nordic section from Puy Saint Vincent 1800, you can take the Prés chairlift for free by presenting a valid cross-country ski pass at the pass office.              

Nordic area

The Nordic experience is within everyone’s reach.

  • 2.5 km of blue trails
  • 10 km of red trails
  • 18 km of itineraries
  • 30 km of groomed trails for cross-country skiing
  • But also, for walking and snowshoeing enthusiasts, 30 km of circuits for all levels!
  • 3.5 km of SLEDGE-HIKE, a downward itinerary combining walking and sledging.

And along with them, exceptional scenes that will rush by beneath your skis and before your eyes. From the Col de la Pousterle, to the more athletic, technical trails of Les Têtes that are groomed daily, the Nordic experience is within everyone’s reach, at any pace, in classic or skating style.

Your Nordic pass

To easily access the Nordic section in Puy Saint Vincent 1800, you can take the Prés chairlift for free by presenting a valid cross-country ski pass, which can be purchased at the ski pass office.

Nordic ski lessons École du Ski Français
Tel. 04 92 23 35 11
E-mail: info@esf-psv.com
Website: www.esf-psv.com

Nordic Season PASS

Book your Nordic Season Pass now!


Tariff for the disabled: the same as the general tariff.

Are except from the fee:

  • Children under 10,
  • Children under 16 who go to school in the Hautes-Alpes and who are cross-country skiing during school time along with those supervising them,
  • Holders of an annual national pass issued by local authorities accepting NORDIC FRANCE’S free movement regime,
  • People (2 at the most) accompanying disabled users, providing they hold a disability card indicating a disability equal to, or over 80%,
  • Adults over 75.

The Nordic area in Puy Saint Vincent can be reached using the Prés chairlift at 1400 m, upon presentation of a valid cross-country skiing pass. Check the operating hours and prices at the ski pass offices.


Pedestrian footpaths around the resort

Experience sensations and gather memories on your way across 30 km of marked, groomed trails. With hiking boots or snowshoes on your feet, depending on the chosen route, alone or accompanied, it’s time to move! You are in Puy Saint Vincent and a most beautiful panorama awaits you at every corner. Make sure you bring equipment suited to your mountain excursion.

Details at the Tourist Offices
Tel. 04 92 23 35 80 or the Nordic Chalet Tel. 06 82 44 58 81


Puy Saint Vincent also has a hike and sledge itinerary!

START: Le Lauzet Les Prés chairlift
Length: 3.5 km
Elevation: 300 m
Start altitude: 1850 m
Finish altitude: 1550 m

The downward itinerary alternates sledging and walking sections.

  • The sledge must be equipped with a braking system or be attached to the user using a suitable system.
  • Particular care should be taken on the downhill sections of the itinerary, which are also used for other winter sports and walking in both directions.
  • You must keep control of your sledge and it is essential to adapt your speed at all times.
  • Children must be accompanied by, and are under the responsibility of, an adult.
  • Pass mandatory.


‘Pré Rouge’ ski touring circuit     

Ski touring attracts many enthusiasts each year. However, for many, it is synonymous with danger as is implies following ungroomed routes in powder snow and requires perfect knowledge of the mountains and the snowpack. For this reason, the Puy Saint Vincent resort decided to create a touring circuit open to all. So, get your skins and head off to discover this route and its sumptuous panorama. It is an activity that you will be able to try safely by following the advice and signs along the way. The circuit is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (outside of grooming hours). You will start from Puy Saint Vincent 1400 m go to the Pré Rouge marked itinerary at an altitude of 2000m. If you are feeling adventurous, you can continue to the summit of the Crête du Rocher Noire at an altitude of 2,400 m (not set up at the present time). On the ski touring circuit, you can adapt your excursion and, in several sections, head back down via the alpine ski slopes. It is ideal for training sessions or just to safely discover the activity.

Skating or classic cross-country skiing, sledging or even on foot, the Nordic area in Puy Saint Vincent promises getaways in an unspooilt setting with an exceptional panorama. You’ll love it!